Tips to Transfer Your Contacts Between Android and iPhone

Are you planning to change your mobile phone  from android to iPhone or Vice Versa? If so you may fetch problem in transferring your data from your old phone to new one.  Don't worry here's a interesting article for you. 

It is very annoying when you need to transfer all your contacts form old phones
to new phone. In the past, we had to type in all the phone numbers and names manually. However, we don’t need to do that much of a hard work today. Our smartphones will do such works for us. In this article you will learn the tips to move contacts from your new iPhone to Android.

The first thing you need to have for this purpose is a Gmail account. Create a new account if you don’t have one. Plug your iPhone with your PC and then open iTunes. You will see the contacts syncing option under the Info tab of menu bar. Select Google Contacts and a window will appear where you will need to type the information of your Gmail account. With this all of the emails, numbers and names of your device are updated and they will be available in Google.
If you are about switch to iPhone from Android, plug your device. Click the Menu button on the Contacts page and select the Merge with Google option. This will import all of your contacts to the Gmail account.

Then login to your Gmail account and modify all the contacts. You can delete or modify the duplicate or extra contacts. You can also use merge contacts of Google for this purpose. Select find and merge duplicate option on your Gmail contacts page and Google will automatically delete the duplicate contacts.

Once you have organized all the contacts in your Gmail, it is time to move them to your phone. This process will be easier if you haven’t started your new device yet. An extra step will be required if you have already started the phone. 

The new Android phone will ask if you would like to sync your device to a Google account when you boot it for the first time. You will just need to enter your Gmail info and all the contacts will be automatically imported from the Gmail.

If you have already started your phone, you will need to go to the Settings menu and select the Accounts & Sync option. Click on Add Account and enter your Gmail info there. Then the phone will do rest of the work including the set up of your email in the device.

If you are switching to iPhone from Android, go to the Setting Menu, click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then select Gmail. All of your contacts will be moved to the Gmail account once you enter the necessary Gmail info.

This shows how easy it is to move your contacts from one phone to another using the Google’s Gmail service. Not only in Android phones, but also on Windows Phone the Gmail account can be used to synchronize the contacts. It seems this process without Gmail would be very difficult. There are other options available for this purpose but the very best way to switch smarphones is to keep your contacts up to date with your Gmail account.

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