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WE as an upcoming bloggers have a BIGGER POTENTIAL than any other PRO bloggers out there if we really instil and implement the correct way...

1. Copying others contents BLINDLY
This is one of the most seen "copycat culture" in the blogosphere. Google search engine might penalize your site don't you realised that?

2. Using “SEXY Photos” to attract the attention of the audience
We have seen some advertising companies out there are using this CHEAP methods to CHEAT visitors to enter their advertisers site. How many of you here thinks that this is going to pump you a long-term fruitful results? Isn't it bad for our business and hazardous to our brand?

3. Showing their UGLY side by non-stop criticizing politicians and people they are not fond of
Your blog is your online property. You definitely don't want readers to hate it right?

4. Lack of Professional touch
It's important for us to BE PROFESSIONAL when we are conducting and introducing our site in order to reach to a wider audience.

5.  Inserting too much of animations and GIF files
Isn't lame when we placed too much animations and Gif files in our site. We are now in a Web3.0 stage. Too much of animations, flash, and Gif files in our site is very disturbing and definitely not gonna bring us more traffics..

PSY "i'm just a chubby little newcomer"

6. TOO MUCH of Advertising campaign
As for me, I would definitely advice you to monetize your site with Google Adsense once you have got all your posts ready and you are prepared to take the business more seriously. Too much of advertisement isn't cool, you know what's cool? ;)

7. Unattractive Web Template
 Just to save some money or ? (THIS IS ONE OF THE MAJOR FAILURE..) Where actually there are lots of sites offering FREE and QUALITY templates, so why choosing the DULL-LOOKING one? 

8. Give up easily
According to research, this is the reason why 95% of bloggers failed in this field!

9. SPAM others site by leaving lousy comments
You definitely know what it not leaving a much more constructive comments on others site. Do you realize that it's actually a HUGE LOSS to lose the attention and respects from another blogger?

10.Not utilizing the power of DOT-COM !
If your site is targeting ONLY the local audience, then you must have "MISSED THE FUN" to go for a wider range of readers and getting exposed to a much more bigger opportunities online!

Together, lets do our very BEST in this brand new year 2013 and receive more juicy results!!! 


Do let us know what you think in the comment form below, we would love to hear more from you! ;)

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