Malaysian NETIZENS culture.


Malaysia is a diverse country with a mix of ethnicities and cultures, and this is reflected in the online space as well. Malaysian netizens tend to be active users of social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. They also tend to be heavy users of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

In terms of content consumption, Malaysians tend to consume a wide range of content online, including news, entertainment, and educational content. However, due to the conservative culture in Malaysia, there is a high level of censorship and restrictions on certain types of content, particularly related to sexuality and religion.

Malaysians also have a strong sense of national pride and are generally vocal about social and political issues. The internet and social media have provided a platform for Malaysians to express their opinions and engage in public discourse.

Overall, Malaysian netizens are an active and diverse group with a wide range of interests and opinions. 



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