Guide to different accommodation options for travellers

When travelling one of the first things that comes to our minds is the place that we going to staying in the foreign land. Most of the tourist’s destinations offer the travellers with different kinds of accommodation options, ranging from luxury hotels to smaller hostels’ rooms. Those who do not have a fixed budget can choose the bigger and posh hotel rooms or apartments however; those with limited budget opt for hostels. Before you confirm the booking it is important to know the difference in the accommodation at a hostel, hotel and apartment.

·         Hostel accomodation
If you are a solo traveller then you should opt for hostels as they provide you with reasonably good value for money. In a hostel you can get breakfast at minimal prices or it would be included in the accommodation price. Owing to the social ambiance of the hostel, it also offers a chance to meet other like minded international travellers. A number of hostels organize events like fancy dress parties and free walking tours. Most hostels usually have some kitchen facilities where you can cook and in this way you can save money on eating out.
Apart from this, the staff is friendly and can give free advice on the places and things to do, which will enable you to explore your holiday destination. Some hostels even offer the guests with kitchen facilities so that they can cook their preferred meal and have a comfortable stay without stretching their budget.
However, what you should not forget is the facilities offered in hostels are nowhere close to the ones you can find in a hotel.
·         Hotel accommodation
Now let’s look at how different is a hotel accommodation. They are quite clean and offer numerous facilities, which include 24 hours room service, attached bathroom, T.V, round the clock security and so on. However, they have a very formal feel as in you won’t get a chance to meet other travellers. Although, the staff of the hotels is friendly but they won’t go out of their way to help you explore your chosen destination. Also, when staying in a hotel you don’t get kitchen facilities so you will have to depend on the hotel restaurants for your meals. Most of the hotels are equipped with an in-house bar but again the prices of drinks served are quite high.
·         Apartment accommodation
Another important accommodation option is apartment. A growing number of people are renting out their apartments sometimes the full apartment and sometimes a couple of spare rooms to travellers. Such apartment accommodation gives you the feel of being at home even when you are in foreign land. This adds to the comfort and makes a lot of positive difference in your travel happenings. You can easily cook for favorite food with the kitchen facility offered in the apartment. This enables you to stay for a longer period of time in your destination on your given budget. Generally, there is also an option of sharing an apartment with other travellers but this might intrude your privacy.

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