Smart Phone Operating Systems with Latest Car Applications

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Everyone who owns a Smartphone knows use of various smart apps very well. Previously, these applications were aimed only to entertain users. However, with the passage of time, the benefits of these applications are increasing. Many auto-manufacturing companies are also working with the Smartphone companies to bring innovation in their products. Two main operating systems are
the main competitors in this industry:  
·         Android
·         Apple
Windows and Nokia Ovi store are also showing signs of improvement, but they are behind in this race. The Android system is available in many Smart phones. Samsung and Sony Ericsson are the leading user companies of android. The Samsung Galaxy is one of top leading cell phones and it is aiming to beat iPhone in the future. Apple iPhone occupies Apple store and there are many users of iPhone all around the world. Here are some of the latest applications of Android and Apple stores:

When driving fast, it is very difficult to identify the speed cameras. Most of the time, we end up being caught and have to bear heavy fine. Radardroid has GPS guide that do not only show you the path of your travel, but also guide you about the speed trap that are expected in the route. Through this application, you can know that where you need to decrease your car speed and where to increase it. It does not only in help in avoiding speed cameras but also in helps you to avoid any potential accident. 
Drive carefully
This application is mainly in response to Apple Iphone SIRI technology. When you are driving on a highway and you get a message, there is no need to stop. Drive carefully will read the message aloud for you. It also reads the emails so that you can know without any disturbance which incoming email or message is important. Some restrictions are that it cannot transform your voice message into text. However, drive carefully can automatically reply with an automated and prewritten message.


Trip Alyzer
This application maintains data centre that helps you to reach your desired location in less time efficiently. It costs only $5.99. Once you install it in your smart phone, it can save all the information of your car and start to track the driving habits of your vehicle. When it will analyze your driving habits, it will able to find out how you can maintain your fuel efficiency. 

Tom-Tom USA & Canada

Tom Tom is one of the finest GPS systems that you can ever have in your smart phone. It can guide you about different routes in 2D and 3D shapes and show you some useful information about arrival at your destination. It can give you estimates about the time you will take to reach to desired destination in the light of your previous driving behavior. It can also give your voice directions on every turn and movement. However, this heavy program occupies large space of your IPhone. The cost of Tom-Tom is $60.
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