The Social Network & Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

(Credit : Albert Brooks)

"The Social Network" movie is a MUST SEE movie! It's about the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his team mates during the start up period. This movie had successfully inspired lots of people to indulge themselves over the internet industry. Some even subscribed themselves for computer science courses to learn more on how to programme and also learn all the internet stuffs.

Mark Zuckerberg is both smart and lucky to have founded Facebook and meeting great team mates and investors to restructure their small company into a HUGE BIG one!
Of course, Jesse Eisenberg ("the AwkBerg")was too, both a very good and lucky too to stand a chance to play as Mark Zuckerberg in his role in "The Social Network". He had successfully build up his celebrity image and fame trough this movie. There's lot of controversial topics in the movie that's making it categorized as a "fictional" story. Personally, i don't think so Mark Zuckerberg is such a "weird" type of person. I believe not much people in this world can really understand and read his mind. He is definitely some kind of "Genius" to have created Facebook and making it burst till the international level! Man, he rocks!

Justin Timberlake

We learned that MySpace had been sold for $35 million to an advertising network company. It's called Specific Media. The company says

 " singer Justin Timberlake will take an ownership stake in MySpace and play a role in its future."

Justin Timberlake and Specific Media plan to focus on entertainment, so as to make the site a place to go for original shows, videos and music. Timberlake portrayed Sean Parker (founded Napster), an important person to Facebook who suggested to Mark and Eduardo Saverin to change their company's domain name from "" to"" and introduced Mark to the VCs...(Venture Capital) Sean Parker is Facebook's 1st president and he owned 4% (about $4 billion)of the company's share! He is also the early advisor to Friendster.
Recently, many people are so into the topic "To buy or not to buy Facebook's shares" as this might a great investment or because it's an "interesting share". As for me, still, i prefer the safer way. As what have we shared from our last topic own share of social media giant, it's essential for us to become a smart investor and not putting our "whole eggs" inside one bucket!



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