My 1st Entrepreneurship

There are lots of things to learn as an entrepreneur. I found that it takes great effort to cultivate the skills and apply the principles in business. There are no “short-cut” methods than having a SHEER DETERMINATION in learning new things.
Build your foundation well and don’t try to skip the basic part.

Travex College
I remember once I graduated from TRAVEX College of Tourism at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), my first aim was to create my own long-term tourism business. I have no idea on how to start the whole tourism business at first. Until I met with a friend of mine, Keegan, (the head prefect from my beloved high school) telling me that they are planning to go for a trip somewhere at Malacca (One of most well known historical state in Malaysia) for their LEADERSHIP CAMP and his is asking me that if I can arrange the itinerary for them. Without further delay, I said “No Problem” and I started to do all the surveys and arrangements for them.

Once they agreed with the planning and destination, I began to contact the sales person of the resort and this is where the business got started. I thought I was doing the correct things and arrangements for the school boys that time until I received lots of complaints about the foods, environment and the “lousy arrangements”. The worst part is when the school is blaming me on what have happened and saying that they won’t want any of my services anymore. While listening to this, I’m become so sad and depressed as I thought I’m doing the right things for them.… Things turned uglier when my family members are not supportive enough to advice me through the whole damn business and started to blame me…

That was my first entrepreneurship, and I’ve failed. I never thought it would be so tough and challenging. Even though I have made about 4000 over bucks within few weeks, but it doesn’t give me much excitement that I’m seeking for. This is the time where I started to buy business magazines, and mixing with the pioneers in tourism field to learn more and improvise my skills! The more things i learned on the business part, the better i become. It takes time for us to know things better while I'm making sure that i know this industry better than anyone else including my friends, colleagues and partners to run a tourism business! 

Fellow Malaysians, I'm the only Malaysian Born Chinese here ;)

I have indulged in this industry for more than 5 years now, and I’m pretty sure that I have developed the foundation in the business. I’m now helping my friend with his travel business, and I have lead many groups of people to travel across the country (Oversea, local). Also, i giving a tourism business advisory services for those who wants to connect their business to tourism. This is NOT the end of my story as I really hope i will keep on improving and travel around the world or take in another adventure!



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